9 Instagram Accounts To Follow Now for Smart and Inspiring Career Advice
9 Instagram Accounts To Follow Now for Smart and Inspiring Career Advice
After a little online career inspiration that goes a lot further than a plucky meme or trite quote? We've rounded up some of the best and most motivational Instagram accounts around.

Time to refresh your Instagram feed? Here, we’ve curated some of the most useful, actionable, information-packed Instagram accounts run by the businesswomen whose advice we need in our working lives. From business launching and brand building, to story telling and self-promotion, these social-savvy entrepreneurs are must-adds to your feed…

Best for: women who want to start or scale their business.  

Boss Babe Inc. has become a mega authority on how to start and scale your own business. With female empowerment as their driving force, British co-creators Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty have brought their respective expertise in social strategizing and business coaching to create a community dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs. On top of the content they produce for paying members, they also have their podcast (appropriately titled, The Boss Babe Podcast) and IGTV, which cover every facet of brand building and running your own business – from practical tips on anything from writing marketing copy and raising capital, to mindset-related advice on conquering self-doubt and thinking like an entrepreneur, to inspirational stories from those who’ve been there, done it, and made millions. 


Best for: building your personal brand and online presence. 

Founded by business coach and social media educator Sue B Zimmerman,  @theinstagramexpert does exactly what the handle says – help business owners and entrepreneurs get the most out of Instagram. Zimmerman releases weekly videos on how to optimise Instagram usage, with videos ranging from how to sell products and Instagram stories strategies, to what’s the best video gear for IG lives and algorithm tips – Zimmerman leaves no Instagram feature stone unturned. Her videos are available to watch over on IGTV, with more options over on her YouTube channel


Best for: anyone who ever read (and loved) The Secret. 

Do you believe in manifestation? Stacia Pierce does, so much so that this US life coach has built a global brand on the power of it. For the uninitiated the concept of manifestation revolves around envisioning your goals/dreams/heart’s desires and then using various strategies from vision boards to scripting (how Pierce describes the process of writing down your future life as though you’ve already achieved your goals) in order to achieve them. Alongside the more ‘cosmic’ end of things she offers some great, no-nonsense advice around getting what you want and feeling empowered, particularly with your finances in mind. 


Best for: career coaches and service-based women wanting to build their online presence. 

There’s an Instagram account for everything (and subsequently everyone), with an increasing number honing in on highly specified target audiences. Strategist and serial entrepreneur Victory Omotayo understands the power of the niche. A coach of coaches, Omotayo helps businesswomen with service-based brands grow by launching their own signature program. Expect digestible infographics, helpful one-liners, tips, and hacks. Through her own site, you can schedule a free consultation to get you started. If you want to be seen as the go-to-authority in your niche, Omotayo’s account is the one for you!


Best for: solopreneurs looking for a supportive community to help them grow. 

From technical support manager Chrissy Sebald and digital and social media marketing studio owner Danielle Pastula, @onewomanshop is the Instagram extension of their community and resource hub, dedicated to supporting women-led solo businesses. They offer a series of informative, high-value blogs and mini-courses for free (as well as a paid-for membership offering). They also regularly shout out other Instagram accounts in the finance and career-building sphere to follow – whether you’re in need of advice for budgeting or wealth building, to profit growth or career development – they’ll point you in the right direction. 


Best for: women who want career-boosting content in as many forms as possible. 

 CEO Lauren McGoodwin founded her company back in 2013 after experiencing a gap in career development resources for women. Fast forward to 2020 and Career Contessa has grown into an online resource of articles, webinars, and all sorts of other e-learning tools – jam packed with immediate, actionable advice on information relevant to women at any age and stage of their career. The brand also heads up a career coaching initiative, has a podcast, its own published book, and even advertises employment opportunities. Its also worth checking out the ‘Quick Qs’, an IGTV series with inspiring founders and c-suite execs. McGoodwin recently appeared alongside AllBright co-founder Anna Jones to share practical advice on how to build and act upon your career goals. To listen to what they had to say, click here.


Best for: mastering social media to promote your brand.

Phenomenally chic and incredibly upbeat (she loves her cold brew coffee aka ‘productivity juice’) photographer and business strategist Jasmine Star uses her own experience to help small business owners build their brands. She teaches what she knows – so much of her content is based around productivity, time management and building/marketing your brand on social media. She pumps out consistently useful and watchable videos and also offers an  audio course on Instagram Branding: 3 Steps to Stand Out and Turn Followers into Customers on Instagram. For those of you who are yet to master Instagram’s reel feature, Jasmine’s IGTV video will set you straight. 


Best for: tech-minded Black and Latinx business women. 

Founded in 2012 by Kathryn Finney – who has since become one of the most influential women in tech – Digital Undivided aims to help genius Black and Latinx female founders through the startup pipeline, from idea to innovation. Check out their #undividedATTENTION IGTV series; one-to-one discussions with women of colour making waves in the entrepreneurial space. You can also expect helpful tips and tricks posts, motivational quotes from businesswomen who are part of their extended network, and the occasional in-house designed meme. 


Best for: finding entrepreneurial advice and inspiration from a diverse range of women. 

When founder Jaclyn Johnson recognised a gap in resources, events and networking opportunities for female millennial entrepreneurs, she created Create & Cultivate, a media platform and nationwide conference. The Instagram itself is only the tip of the Create & Cultivate iceberg, and yet could make eyes water without the amount of content available. Just head over to their IGTV and gain valuable insight from women at the top of their industries. From creating a socially responsible brand, to scaling your business, to even finding out how to biohack your menstrual cycle, @createcultivate is the go-to place for any millennial business woman.

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