I Got Pregnant, Then Lost My Job And Maternity Package
I Got Pregnant, Then Lost My Job And Maternity Package
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Who: Sales manager

Where: London

What: How redundancy left one woman searching for a new job while heavily pregnant 

I had been at my job for about 18 months when my husband and I decided to try to have a baby. We had gone through the list: are we OK money-wise? Am I in the right career? I was happy because my company had a great maternity package. We were set.

 Once pregnant, I kept it quiet until four months in, when I sat down with my manager to tell her. But she told me they were letting me go and I was asked to leave that day. My great maternity package was gone. 

 I stayed in bed for a week. I had stress headaches so bad I had to go to the doctor. My husband tried to reassure me – he earned well and we had savings – but I couldn’t stop worrying.

I started to look for new jobs. My due date was in April, and this was November – Christmas was around the corner. I originally looked for temp jobs, but nothing came up, so when the recruiter started coming to me with full-time sales roles, I had to go for them.

 I felt so guilty not telling interviewers I was pregnant, but felt I had no option. I wore blazers over baggy dresses to hide my bump and I remember feeling angry that women could be put in this situation – it’s not something a man would ever have to consider.

“The recruiter implied I wouldn’t be able to meet my KPIs because I was pregnant”

Eventually, I smashed an interview and got a job. I was nearly six months pregnant by then, which meant I’d at least be able to claim government maternity allowance. I called my new CEO the next day to tell him – I wanted to be as transparent as I could and start the relationship honestly. I explained that I’d had no other option.

He was surprised but, amazingly, super nice. He said he’d been wanting to fill this role for years and that I was the perfect candidate. He felt certain I’d be able to do the job, pregnant or not. The recruiter wasn’t as nice –she implied I wouldn’t be able to meet my KPIs because I was pregnant. That was incredibly frustrating to hear.

I’m still angry I was put in that situation. If it wasn’t for my husband and his job, I don’t know what I would have done. The upsetting thing is there are so many other women who don’t have that to fall back on. I feel incredibly lucky.

My daughter is now one. I went back to work after six months, not because they asked me to, but for financial reasons. I’m sad it’s taken me away from my baby, but I love my job and they are so supportive; they allowed me to work less hours when I first returned, and I leave early to get to nursery.

Losing my job while pregnant was an awful thing to happen at the time, but it’s become a blessing in disguise – I love my role now. You have no idea how much your body and mind can deal with until you’re tested. In the end I was lucky, and it’s made my little family very strong. 

3 Things To Know About Your Rights When Pregnant
Telling Your Boss
The latest time you can tell your employer that you’re pregnant is 15 weeks before your baby is due.
Medical Appointments
Employees have the right to take reasonable time off for antenatal appointments without the loss of pay.
Unfair Dismissal
You can claim discrimination and unfair dismissal on the grounds of pregnancy and maternity from day one of your employment.

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